Who We are

Watch My Links was created by OK Digital LTD. which has been in the digital marketing world for over 10 years. We at OK Digital LTD. have developed many websites over the years, and have done a large amount of SEO projects as well.

Why Watch My Links?

Watch My Links was created initially as an internal tool before we decided to open it up to the public. As the owners of several websites ourselves and SEOs of many other websites, we deal with our share of backlinks. We have done link exchanges, Outreach and so on.

The one thing that stood out here is that if you didn't keep an eye on the link you acquired, you could loose it. We have seen many situations such as:

  • Links being removed entirely after a while
  • Link anchor being changed
  • Page being removed
  • Entire website been taken off the web
  • And more...

Though, when we would eventually go through the links and figure that out, most times we got everything back up and running again. If we wouldn't have seen that something changed, we would have no idea that it even happened.

So We Created Watch My Links, and...
  • We saved a huge amount of time
  • We gained many removed backlinks back in place

For that reason we rebuilt the entire tool from the ground up and opened it up to the public. Using this tool should be a must for any professional SEO or webmaster. It will save you time by working while you sleep, and will eventually make you money by not allowing your backlinks go down the drain. Whenever one of your links changes, you will be notified so you can fix it ASAP.