How to Choose a Pricing Plan

Our pricing plans are based on the number of domains you manage and the amount of backlinks you need to follow (We recommend you follow only backlinks that you acquired and not "real organic" backlinks, since you weren't involved in getting them in the first place).

Each pricing plan has a set amount of domains and a set amount of backlinks. The number of backlinks per domain doesn't matter. For example: you can choose a plan that has 5 domains and 600 backlinks, and use only 1 domain and all 600 backlinks point to 1 domain. So, before you choose a pricing plan, make sure it has enough backlinks for your needs and also enough domains. Both are equally important.

How to add backlinks to be monitored?

In order to add backlinks to the tool you have 2 options:

  1. Manually (one by one)
  2. Import via CSV

You will probably normally use the manual option, but we will discuss both options:

First of all you need to tell us what domain you are adding. This is a one time process for each domain. Once you have a domain, you can keep on adding links to it. To add a domain, either click on the sidebar Domains->Add Domain or click here.

In order to add a new backlink to the tool, (after you log in) either click on the sidebar Links->Add Link or click here.

The following are the steps you will need in order to add a new backlink to the tool on the backlink page:

  • Domain - Choose the domain from the drop-down menu
  • Link Type - Normally you won't touch this, but if your link is on an image, choose "image" from the drop-down menu.
  • Source URL - The URL where your backlink exists.
  • Target URL - The URL on your site where the backlink points to (this has to be on the.
  • Anchor - The anchor (the words within the text link) on your backlink.

  • Backlink Additional Info

  • Name - The name of the person you were in touch with to acquire the backlink.
  • Email - The email of the person you were in touch with to acquire the backlink.
  • Exchange / Paid / Free - Choose whether the link was a link exchange, a paid link or a free link. If it was an exchange, we will open up a new section to add the relevant exchange information

  • Exchange Information

  • Exchange link - the link that you added on your end in exchange for this acquired backlink.
  • Exchange link points to - the target URL of the link that you added on your end in exchange for this acquired backlink.
  • Exchange Anchor - the anchor of the link that you added on your end in exchange for this acquired backlink.

  • Additional Information - any additional information we want to add.

  • Advanced

  • Link # if not #1 - in some rare occasions you might have more than 1 link on a page that points to the same place. In these occasions you can tell us to follow the second or third time on the page that this link appears.

The second option to add backlinks, is to upload them in bulk using a CSV. The instructions for doing that can be found on the Bulk upload page


We will monitor all the backlinks in your account once every 24 hours. On the first monitor of each backlink, we will send you an email with the result (whether we found the link or not, what its status is, etc.). Once your backlink has been monitored once, we keep monitoring it once every 24 hours - if anything changes - we will email you when we monitor it.
If there are many changed in your backlinks in a 24 hour period, we will send you an email with all the links that changed and what changed with them. You will be able to see all notifications in the tool on the notifications page as well

*In rare occasions, some websites may block us from gathering information and looking for your link on their site. In that case, you will get a message that we cannot access the site.


At the moment we only accept PayPal as a payment method and the payment is a recurring payment via PayPal. If you need to upgrade or downgrade your account, due to PayPal limitations, you will need to cancel your payment and re authenticate via PayPal. For that reason, we encourage you to do this close to your renewal date, this way you will not "loose out" when upgrading or downgrading your account. We explain this process when trying to upgrade/downgrade an account.

Plans and Quota

At any given time, you can see how many domains and backlinks you are using, based on your current plan. On the Dashboard we clearly show you how many backlinks you are using and what your limit is. The same goes for the domains being used in the account.